Every year comes that somewhat melancholic time when summer starts fading away. Days are shorter, nights are chillier. But there is something else that changes back at my home in Italy: the lunches, brunches and dinner settings that my mum chooses.

What I call my home in Italy is the place where I grew up. Before moving to New York I used to live in a rural villa in Italy, where my parents still live today. There is a gazebo in the front yard that is immersed in lush flowers and plants. The backyard is occupied by a vegetable garden with tomatoes, eggplants, basil, rosemary, strawberries and walnut trees.

In the late summer months, my family gathers together in the gazebo for dinner, surrounded by citron candles and decorative small blue lights. On Sundays we move to the backyard where we sit under the wisteria trees. The branches of the trees have grown and now wrap around beautiful iron structure that my father built. My love for creating events has grown out of these moments with my family at our villa. From a young age I would help my mum select the dishes, the cutlery and craft an ornate centerpiece. Everything I needed was around me; I just had to use my imagination. As the fall sets in here in New York, I’m conscious of the changing environment. And inspired by the beauty of a new season.

Tomato plants in my parents' country home in Italy.


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