The use of texture in event planning can help convey a variety of messages and emotions. Texture can add multiple dimensions to a setting. It can also produce a focal point, or, simply create a line of thought between the elements of an event.

For linens, I prefer Egyptian cotton and fine linen. To break away from the monotone linearity of cotton and linen, I love working with organza to create curvy lines and sinuous sheer color combinations.
But it’s not only about textiles. Consider rafia, wood, bricks, copper, shells, food and flowers. There are many diverse options for adding texture. Be inventive and curious, try to combine very different elements and see how they work together with the change of light and position within a setting.

Last week a French florist designer and dear friend, put together a marvelous bouquet packed with texture.


She chose Alstroemeria (Peruvian Lilly) and petit pale pink roses which combined were elegant and timeless. The shapes of the flowers added depth and movement to the bunch. The arrangement was wrapped in a gold-tinted net, a fun and modern statement to complement the more traditional flowers.

Modern and old-world, in-vogue and vintage, pale and bold, soft and solid. I often like to remind myself about the ways I can enhance the texture perception in events through contrasts.

And what about you, do you have a favorite contrast combination?


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