On my last trip to Italy, my brother Raffaele introduced me to one of Italy’s hidden gems: Pizzeria Agli Amici (Pizzeria With Friends). I’m writing to share this discovery and unique experience with you.

By all appearances, the family-run pizzeria seemed quite traditional at first-glance. But I quickly learned that they offer some of the most unconventional pizzas on their menu. Ottorino Tasca, who goes by Paolo, runs this one-of-a-kind pizzeria not too far from Padua, Italy together with his wife Anna and their children Enrico and Fania. Tasca family affair starts in 1990 with a rustic small restaurant which could only seat thirty guests at a time.

Pizzeria Agli Amici does not have a website. It does not advertise. It does not accept walk-in clients (unless you bring your own chair and prepare yourself for a long wait time!). But it does offer delicious food, unexpected combinations of flavors and gourmet ingredients.

One of Paolo’s specialties is “Pizza Eden”, a crunchy dough covered with tomato sauce, juicy mozzarella, perfumed porcini mushrooms, arugula, wild-pig prosciutto, dates tomatoes and shaved Parmigiano-Reggiano.
The ingredients used at Pizzeria Agli Amici are always organic and DOP which stands for Protected Designation of Origin. The DOP label applies to various cheeses, meats, breads and pastas from various regions of Italy and certify that the foods are locally produced.

One of my favorite in-season pizza has pumpkin cream and seeds, smoked pancetta and wild-berry caprino cheese. Just delicious.

After a “giropizza”, literally a turn-pizza, where the guests get to savor and share several kinds of pizza until they say “basta” (stop!), the choices for sweet pizzas are to die for: Mou Pizza, Nutella Pizza and Fruit Pizza, just to name a few.

Regalia Events supports Italy’s local gems like Pizzeria Agli Amici and brings you the most authentic flavors of the boot country for the ultimate Italian experience.

Giro pizza, sweet style

Giro Pizza, salty style

Tasca Family


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