In Italy we use the word BOMBONIERA (from the French term bombonniere, a derivative of bonbon, or box of sweets) to refer to favors in general.
Depending on the region, a bomboniera could mean either a small box of sweets or a small gift that may or may not include sweets as well.

Here are a few creative ideas for your own bomboniera:

EDIBLE: You can not go wrong with an edible favor. Miniature fruit pies, mints, gumdrops, meringues, small jars of marmalade or honeys… it’s all in the taste and the presentation. Add something that will remain with your guests as recollection of your event (sand, a dried sunflower, a leaf…)

NATURAL: rare orchids in hand-painted ceramic pots, a satchel of dried lavender and mint, a selection of Italian spices in small terracotta vases. For natural favors it is all about staying local and organic.

FRAGRANT: scented organic soaps, glassine bags of loose tea, and rosemary infused olive oil bottles to leave your guests with inebriant perfume memories of your event.

ARTSY: a small scale painting commissioned by a local artist, a hand-made piece of jewelry, an embroidered handkerchief.

MADE IN ITALY: this is my favorite and my clients’ favorite one as well. A silk papillon, a smooth leather key-chain, linen foulard, precious mosaic broaches for women.

Together let’s create something unique for your next event.

A rose satchet with confetti,

A rose satchet with confetti, detail


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