Have you just gotten engaged and are dreaming of an extravagant Italian wedding? Have you always wanted to surprise your significant other with a very special birthday celebration? Do you hope to reunite your family members for an unforgettable gathering? Holding an event Italy will add an extra touch of magic to an already special occasion.

I will briefly summarize a few of the many reasons why you must consider Italy as the backdrop for your next event:

> You can take advantage of everything Italy is known for: the food, the art, the people, the fashion and the way of life.
> Italy’s villas, castles and beautiful gardens will be the setting for your spectacular event. You simply can’t replicate these scenes anywhere else in the world.
> Your guests will get to relax and enjoy all that Italy has to offer- it is a holiday for them too!
> You and your guests will have the possibility of doing something very special each day of the celebration. The schedule will be carefully planned and will include unique organized activities.

As I always say to my clients, to my friends and family, my mission is to bring a little piece of Italy in every event I organize. It is an honor for me to be able to create events in Italy, to be able to give clients an experience that is far more engaging that “just” an event.
What I am offering to my clients is Italy and its beauty.

Take a look at National Geographic’s Giude of Italy to discover curious anecdotes and admire enchanting photos of the boot country’s treasuries.

A glance at Italy's landscape, one of the reasons to choose Italy as the backdrop for your event. Photo by Tommaso Zauli.


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