Pronounced “lay markay”, the name Le Marche is plural and is sometimes translated into English as “The Marches”.

This region lies on the eastern side of center Italy between the Adriatic Sea and Umbria region.

The landscape of Le Marche is as various as it could be: a flat coastal plain in the east, dramatic snow capped Apennines mountains in the west and in between gently rolling countryside covered with small hilltop towns and villages. Undulating wheat fields, olive groves, vine hillsides and dramatic ravines give to the countryside a romantic, timeless flair.

Breathtaking View of the countryside hills around Pesaro, photo courtesy of Francesco Fratta.

The most visited towns of Le Marche are Ascoli Piceno, Macerata, Pesaro and Urbino – a world heritage site and place of birth of Raphael.
Camerino, Fabriano, Fermo, Fano, Jesi, Loreto, Recanati and Urbania are only a few of the smaller towns full of picturesque corners, Medieval treasures, art and gourmet food.

The region is known for signature dishes such as Ascoli-style olives (fried and stuffed), formaggio di fossa (cheese made in an earthen pit), and truffle-infused dishes.

Many visitors who come to Le Marche are looking for a taste of the “real” Italy, unsullied by mass tourism, welcoming and characteristic.

Regalia has the honor and pleasure of working with some of the best vendors and venues of Le Marche. Contact Regalia today to start planning your next event and live the “real” Italian Dolce Vita.


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