The new year has arrived, but our celebrations are nowhere near over:  happy new year from Regalia Events!

Fireworks. Photo courtesy of Francesco Fratta (@chiccofratta).

Chi ben inizia e’ a meta’ dell’opera, well begun is half done”.

Francesco Fratta, good friend and talented photographer, just wrote this to me to narrate how he spent his special first day of the year, Capodanno (capo: beginning, anno: year).

And yes, he did begin the year in a very good way. Francesco and his girlfriend spent the last hours of 2011 and the first hours of 2012 in Orvieto, Umbria.

With the fireworks illuminating one of the most beautiful cathedrals in the world (in the picture above) and two tickets for an Umbria Jazz concert in their pockets, the two headed to a patisserie for a hot chocolate and a creamy bombolone (a cream puff) treat.

The concert was to be held at Mancinelli Theater. The starting time? 1am. The end time: 4.30am. A great experience and just the perfect way to start the New Year surrounded by art, music, beauty, and savoir vivre in Italy.

During the Holiday Season Orvieto welcomes musicians from all around the world for the winter session of Umbia Jazz.
Music is literally everywhere during this time. Concerts are held in historical palaces, in the streets, in the squares, and in restaurants where authentic food and good wine are tasted at the sound of music.

For more info on Teatro Mancinelli and Umbia Jazz, please click here.

Happy New Year from Regalia Events and a special thank you to Francesco for sharing with me, and now with you, his Capodanno.


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