One of the smallest Italian regions and the only peninsular region not washed by the sea, Umbria is located strategically close to Tuscany, Le Marche and Lazio.
The region is often referred to as the true green heart of Italy, thanks to both its geographic position and its spiritual vibe.

Umbria’s territory is for one-third mountains and for the rest hills covered with olive trees and vineyards. Cities and villages are perched on top of hills and mountains; castles, fortresses and watchtowers fill the green and lavish landscape.

Home to iconic towns like Assisi as well as lovely hilltop villages like Spello, Bevagna, Montefalco, Panicale, Todi and Spoleto, Umbria offers an intriguing mix of history, art and culture that serves as the perfect complement to its fine food and wine. Unforgettable Umbria is the perfect destination to get a real, timeless, taste of Italy.

View of Assisi, photo courtesy of Francesco Fratta (@chiccofratta)

At Regalia Events we enjoy organizing events for our clients in Umbria very much. We feel the serenity and spirituality of the region, which makes it the perfect destination for weddings and for family gatherings, as well as for private events of any kind.

Over the years more and more visitors are discovering this unique region rich of old-time flair, history and art and we are truly proud of being the ambassadors of Umbria around the world.

To read and see more about Umbria, please visit the National Geographic’s page on Umbria.

Xo from Regalia.

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