Tired of orange pumpkins all around?

Halloween is all about carving pumpkins, orange treat or trick, candies, kids running around from door to door… but you have seen this so many times! Haven’t you?
If you are looking for something different, this is the perfect post for you.

We thought about a more sophisticated take on Halloween: aubergines instead of pumpkins, black flowers, Gothic details.

We truly love these Gothic plates by Better Living Through Design. You can add these to your Halloween table for an instant sophisticated feeling.

Gothic Dishes: just perfect for Halloween

And we are obsessed with these Gothic Skeleton Hands (definitely an original salad serving set):

Skeleton hand salad tongs

Carved aubergines. Very petite, very cute. And if you want to stick with tradition, you can always mix them with pumpkins.

Scary eggplants

Finally, flowers can never be left out of a Regalia event and what’s better than black flowers for Halloween? BTW black flowers do really exist! If you can’t find them, a very dark purple would do the same effect.

Here are some examples:

Black Magic Hollyhock

Black Dahlia

Queen of the Night Tulip

Have we inspired you?

We thought so.

– – –

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